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Artist: Jazzator
Album: Nonagon
Katalog Nr: UTR 4514
Releasedatum: 04.04.2014
Line-Up: Marina Sobyanina - Piano, Synthesizers, Vocals Sergey Balashov - Drums Oleg Mariakhin - Baritone Saxophone Maximilian Grossenbacher - Double Bass
Credits: Recorded at RecPublica Studio in Poland by Lukas Olejarczyk
Mixed and mastered by Martin Ruch
Art work by Victoria Vinogradova
Liner Notes: JAZZATOR is a young quartet that has embarked upon an adventurous mission of blending together neo-classical music, free improvisation and wild post-breakbeat grooving. The result is a powerful iconoclastic sound and an exciting action that takes place on stage.
The band consists of a composer/pianist/singer Marina Sobyanina, a baritone sax player Oleg Mariakhin, a drummer Sergey Balashov and a bass player Maximilian Grossenbacher, who recently joined the band. The musicians have fun with odd meters and intense textures and at the same time donâEURTMt compromise the melodic beauty of their compositions. Curiously, the JazzatorâEURTMs music has been compared by the same critic to both Acoustic Ladyland and works of Sergei Prokofiev. Original compositions by Marina Sobyanina get further enlivened by improvised acrobatics on the instruments and practical jokes that musicians play on each other and the audience.
JAZZATOR has released two studio albums in 2010 (Rough Terrain) and 2012 (The DOMe ) and appeared at some of the major European jazz festivals such as Bohemia Jazz Festival (Cz), Jazzwerkstatt Bern(CH) and Usadba Jazz (Ru). The release of their third album (Nonagon) is planned for the winter 2014 on Unit Records (CH).
The band has been exploring the âEUR~cinematicâEURTM potential of their music playing live soundtracks for a number of theater productions and silent movies. The bandâEURTMs leader Marina Sobyanina has shared stage with Bobby Mcferrin and Zap Mama as a vocalist and has composed music for a number of theater projects, a feature film and for various ensembles from big bands to classical outfits.
Links: www.jazzator.com
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