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Bright Shadows  
Artist: Theo Kapilidis
Album: Bright Shadows
Katalog Nr: UTR 4452
Releasedatum: 31.01.2014
Albumdauer: 51:14
Line-Up: Theo Kapilidis - guitar
Will Vinson - sax
Rock Rosato - bass
Colin Stranahan - drums
Credits: Aufnahmedatum: October 2012 Aufnahmestudio: Hitmill Studio Zurich All compositions by Theo Kapilidis (suisa)
Exept All The Things You Are & Footprints
Recorded October 2012 at Hitmill Studio Zürich
Recording Engineer Oliver Herzog
Mixed and Mastered by Lasse Nipkow
Produced by Theo Kapilidis
Design and Layout by Creative Music Enterprises www.cme-music.com
Back Cover photo by Foivos Loxias
Theo Kapilidis plays Godin and Yamaha Guitars, and DHS Strings.
Liner Notes: Theo Kapilidis has assembled a stellar group on this great recording. Check out this imaginative player and his wonderful tunes! Jonathan Kreisberg

Truly a talent deserving of wider recognition, Theo Kapilidis is a remarkably accomplished guitar-composer who, at age 53, stands on the verge of international recognition. Bright Shadows should push him over the top. Bill Milkowski
Links: www.theo-kapilidis.net
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