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Volume 3  
Artist: Jean-Bernard le Flic
Album: Volume 3
Katalog Nr: UTR 4111
Releasedatum: 01.08.1999
Albumdauer: 70:56
Line-Up: Ian Gordon-Lennox âEUR" trumpet, euphonium, tuba, bass tp, cornet & alphorn
Claude Jordan âEUR" electric flutes, bass flute, synthesizer & programming
Claude Tabarini âEUR" drums, percussions & vocal
Credits: Recording and mixing: Radio Suisse Romande, Espace 2, April 1998
Recording engineer: Michel Golay
Mastering: Christian Guggenbühl
Producer: Jean-Bernard le Flic
Liner Notes: Jazz and Improvisation from Suisse Romande
The Jean-Bernard le Flic Trio has been making tracks in Geneva and other places since 1986. The members of this one-of-a-kind police force ("flic" in French means "cop") trained in jazz and jazz improvisation, were among the first to experiment with the possibilities of electronic music in the mid 80s. Enthusiastic explorers of new beats and poetics of sound, intrepid in their cross-cultural approach and right on when it comes to the musical mix, they revel in a free-wheeling and humorous jazz style that is more than just street-wise. Claude Tabarini weaves rhythms and vocals, Claude Jordan programmes the electronics and plays a wicked oriental flute, Ian Gordon-Lennox commands a brass section worthy of the NYPD. Their complex music constantly interrogates itself, opening astonishing vistas and fuelling a rich polemic between the old guard and the avatars of contemporary jazz. On this, their third volume, this special force trained to discover clues overlooked by others presents two improvisations, nine original compositions and an interpretation of John ColtraneâEURTMs "Afroblue". Jungle, drumâEURTMnâEURTMbass and others have already been on the scene however, so Jean-Bernard le Flic set their sounds to the rhythmic and organic trends of the moment without for all that losing sight of what motivated their search in the past. Alternating the binary and the ternary, side-stepping possible manholes with an elegantly executed swing, their investigation lands them anywhere but in a blind alley. In fact it leads them straight into the uncharted precincts of cloud-cuckoo land (cf. "I am a theology student").
Links: www.myspace.com/199629315
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