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Stalker Blue  
Artist: Michel Wintsch-Nathalie Saudan
Album: Stalker Blue
Katalog Nr: UTR 4115
Releasedatum: 01.06.1999
Albumdauer: 44:46
Line-Up: Nathalie Saudan âEUR" violon
Michel Wintsch âEUR" piano
Credits: Produced by Xylème Music
Sound: Benoît Corboz
Mastering: Christian Guggenbühl
Liner Notes: New Contemporary Compositions dedicated to Russian Movie Director Andreï Tarkovsky
Accompanied by long-time musical partner Nathalie Saudan, pianist Michel Wintsch here introduces us to yet another facet of his talent as a composer. Wintsch is self-taught âEUR" he admits to having discovered his drive for composing while learning to play with Lego building blocks. In threesome with Gerry Hemingway and Bänz Oester as well as bigger bands (Road Movie, Ma Barker), Wintsch has developed interesting forms of expression in jazz and contemporary music, which he also applies to the cinema (specifically with Alain Tanner), the theatre with Anne Bisang, and the musical reinterpretation of literary texts (Marguerite Yourcenar). Nathalie Saudan began expanding her classical repertoire well before brilliantly finishing her music studies. She also plays in a duo with accordionist Christophe Dufaux, and is highly appreciated as a performer of contemporary music. Wintsch and Saudan began working together in the early 90âEURTMs and have since then not only found a shared improvisational idiom, but also developed musical structures, stories and imaginary scenarios that mirror the jazz mode as well as the rigour of classical interpretation. Both instruments featured are characterized by an orchestral scope that might have rendered their encounter overwhelming. Yet exactly the opposite happens: their music, now vibrant and highstrung, now floating and calm, is carried by a vital momentum and discipline that endows it with a special flavor, even in repetitive or circular themes. Bartok meets Jarrett: the ten sequences of Stalker Blues unfold in a long musical travelling which the author himself sees as the fruit of a process of initial self-doubt and subsequent self-revelation, disclosed to him in the last works in exile of Russian director Andreï Tarkovsky, to whom this album is dedicated.
© 1999 Christian Steulet
Links: www.michelwintsch.com
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