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Biological & Chaotic Music  
Artist: Hervé Provini
Album: Biological & Chaotic Music
Katalog Nr: UTR 4116
Releasedatum: 01.06.1999
Albumdauer: 65:17
Line-Up: All compositions & drums and computer by Hervé Provini
Liner Notes: Chaotic music
These five pieces were created with the aid of some elements of the « Theory of Chaos ». The non-linear theories, which were selected and shaped by computer, create pictures. The movement of these pictures, named respectively the strange attractor and fractal, has been transformed into music.
Chaotic music I
The use of sets of figures in quadratic equations
Chaotic music II
The use of equations resembling a system of « hunted » and « hunter »
Fractal music I
The use of algorithms producing fractal pictures in two dimensions.
Fractal music II
The use of algorithms producing fractal pictures in three dimensions.
Fractal music III
The use of algorithms producing fractal pictures in _âEURºtwo dimensions with the use of symmetry on such pictures.

Biological music
The four pieces were created with the help of bio-mathematical algorithms. These algorithms are taken from life and help to simulate and shape, by computer, biological phenomena.
Neuronal music
The use of sources of layered neurones. Varying stages of learning the some musical material.
Genetic music
The use of genetic algorithms. Some simple rules of musical construction are introduced into the algorithm which calculates the basic musical material.
Cellular music
The use of cellular « automates » to produce graphics of musical events.
Transformative music
The use of an algorithm which transforms words thus producing quasi-periodicity.
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