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Animal Language  
artist: 49° Nord
album: Animal Language
reference: UTR 4120
release date: 01.11.1999
running time: 67:00
line-up: Hasse Poulsen âEUR" guitars, percussion
Bertrand Denzler âEUR" tenor saxophone
Christophe Marguet âEUR" drums & percussion
credits: Recorded live by Danmarks Radio at Copenhagen Jazzhouse, June 4, 1998
Engineered and mixed by Niels Erik Lund
Recording supervised by Ole Mathiessen
Mastered by Jean-Pierre Bouquet at l'autre studio
Procuced by the musicians
liner notes: Check out the animal that slumbers within you! In a number of so-called "primitive societies", there are rituals, traditional dances that track this animal, before assimilating it as a totem. When the totem speaks, it makes use of an idiom based not on words, but on instincts and intuitions. The trio 49° Nord is made up of guitarist Hasse Poulsen, saxophonist Bertrand Denzler and percussionnist Christophe Marguet. These three noble savages work with improvised sounds and forms that take them to the edge âEUR" in musical terms at least. Hasse Poulsen does occult things to his guitar, magically transforming it into a percussion instrument. Bertrand Denzler drives his saxophone through a rhythmic and melodic scale reaching from whisper to primal scream. Christophe Marguet launches his drums into unknown territories. Their music is based on gut reactions and is as unique as it is irretrievable. The eight pieces presented here, recorded in concert in Copenhagen, are sculptural structures, totem poles crafted in sound, a language of the jungle that pierces and tames the heart of darkness.
© 1999 Christian Steulet
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