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artist: Pegelia Gold & Art Zentral
album: Polaris
reference: UTR 4425
release date: 15.03.2013
running time:
line-up: Pegelia Gold âEUR" Stimme
Dirk Rumig âEUR" Bassklarinette, FloÌ^te, Saxophon
Constantin Herzog âEUR" Bass
Moritz Cartheuser âEUR" Gitarre
Alexander Wienand âEUR" Klavier
Daniel PraÌ^tzlich âEUR" Schlagzeug, Perc.
credits: Recorded at BR Studio Franken, Nürenberg janauary 2012, tracks 1,2,3,6,8 mixed at BR Studio Franken, Nürenberg july 2012, tracks 4,5,7 & bonus track mixed at BR Studio Munich august 2012
Mastered by Ralf Weigand at PLAN 1 STUDIOS, Munich
Executive producer for BR: Beate Sampson
Recording supervisor: Ralf Weigand
Recording engineer, Reinhold Forster, Carsten Vollmer, Klemens Kamp
Recording and editing technician: Thomas Gätz, Markus Spatz, Monica Graul
Piano tuning: Theo Kretzschmar
Bass solo on Polaris recorded by Jonathan Hoffmann, february 2012 Cologne
Photographs and drawings by Barbara Schulte, graphic by Magdalena Gadaj
Produced by Pegelia Gold & Art Zentral and Ralf Weigand
liner notes: Between the arcades of their dreamlike picturesque and bizarre stirring soundscapes, the musicians stroll around in free and interactive play, occasionally vibrating in spiritual meeting. The music lives on antipodes but is nevertheless always striving for harmony. "These compositions erode an almost shamanic bittersweet distillate of unworldly jazz and chalk eaten art-rock attitudes, which are sprinkled with a supersized pipette from the exotic perfume of an antifolk-damselwonder. Ignoring any saints of the genre, six cheerful music-alchemists defy flattering arrangements. They aren't afraid of tightening up light-footed compositions with avangardistic field tests like rattling chattels." (ROCKTIMES)

Booking/Management: Reinhold Horn - Idris Media Christoph-WeiÃ"Y-Str. 9 90419 Nürnberg Germany E-Mail: idris-media@t-online.de Cell phone: 0049 (0)160 260 64 02
links: www.pegeliagold.com
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