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Unsung Songs  
Artist: Peyer-Weber-Stoffner
Album: Unsung Songs
Katalog Nr: UTR 4129
Releasedatum: 01.11.2000
Albumdauer: 42:46
Line-Up: Marius Peyer âEUR" drums, percussion
Christian Weber âEUR" bass
Flo Stoffner âEUR" guitar
Credits: Recorded at Radio Studio Zürich 25./26. Feb. 2000 by Andy Neresheimer
Produced by Peyer/Weber/Stoffner
Coproduced by DRS 2, Peter Bürli
Mixed aat New Sound Studio by Andy Neresheimer
Mastering by Patrik Lo Re at One Soul Studio, NYC
Liner Notes: Between traditional free interplay and modern ambient soundscapes
What are the standards of the 21st century likely to be? Catchy tunes from musicals created by the best composers of the pre-World War II generation, or the songs we owe to rhythmâEURTMnâEURTMblues, to jazz, funk and pop, that have accompanied us since the fifties? The trio that brings together Marius Peyer on drums and percussion, Christian Weber on bass and Florian Stoffner on guitar, attempts to answer this question in musical terms by taking the listener on an audio journey that spans five decades, from George Gershwin to Prince, by way of Albert Ayler, Thelonius Monk, Irving Berlin, Edith Piaf and Lucio Dalla. Three young musicians, shaped by the jazz schools of Lucerne and Graz, transform the nine songs they have chosen into superb instrumental tracks, vibrant with chords other than vocal chords, sung yet unsung by a human voice. Following in the footsteps of saxophonists Yuri Honing or Ken Vandermark, the trio throws open a window between the worlds of jazz and pop music. The feelings that spawned the pieces they play survive intact in their interpretation, yet are transfigured and reverberate with a personal note. Throwing needless musical ballast overboard, Peyer, Weber and Stoffner go straight for the essence, the melody. They create new improvisational spaces, in which sequences of controlled and fine-tuned chaos burst into euphoric frenzy. A brilliant performance, and one that does full honor to the beauty of the original compositions
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