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Musique Amoureuse  
Artist: Hervé Provini
Album: Musique Amoureuse
Katalog Nr: UTR 4137
Releasedatum: 01.06.2002
Albumdauer: 51:00
Line-Up: Hervé Provini âEUR" compositions, drums, computer
Liner Notes: Contemporary Electronics
Music In Love (Musique Amoureuse) is the last part of a three-record cycle ("Biological and Chaotic Music" UTR 4116 CD, "Nuclear Music" UTR 4125 CD and Music In Love) devoted to the acoustic piano MIDI (Disk keyboard) and which are reflections of the same method of composing, based on the algorythmic procedures around the "Chaos theory", "Fractals" and biomathematics. The technology is not an end in itself; it allows me to create and put into practice my ideas on music and, more specifically, on composition. Ideas which lead up to a vision of music based on probability in terms of density, collective sounds, subject matter etc. The creation of original forms of music being my first concern, it seemed wise to choose a single source of sound to perform my music. The choice of the piano is thus not made by chance. It is the only acoustic instrument which may be conducted by computer and is also the tool for composing which has crossed all historical periods of western music. In the first part, "Biological and chaotic music", the idea was to calculate a disordered musical base with the aid of various algorythms in order to build and organise the music. Produce order from disorder (chaos). In the second part, "Nuclear music", the idea was to break down musical movements so as to reconstruct others. Produce a new order based on a pre-existing one. In "Music in love", the idea there was to take a musical partition written in a traditional style and then apply different algorythms to create new music. I wrote a harmonious melody based on a love poem by Pablo Neruda. This partition is the point of departure of "Music in love". I then applied algorythms to the themes of this music to create a new basic material from which I composed the five pieces of "Music in love". To produce disorder from an established form and then to recreate a new order and a new musical form. The greatest constraint of my systems is my own aesthetic and formal vision of music.
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