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artist: Weird Beard
album: Away
reference: UTR 4354
release date: 31.08.2012
running time:
line-up: Florian Egli âEUR" Saxophone
Dave Gisler âEUR" Guitar
Valentin Dietrich âEUR" E-Bass
Rico Baumann âEUR" Drums
credits: Recorded by Andy Neresheimer
Mixed and Mastered by Andy Neresheimer
Graphic by Stefanie Kunckler
Artwork by Marilena Cadau
liner notes: The musical microcosm of Florian Egli and his fellow musicians is full of character, independent of spirit, and brimming with pulsating inspiration. Unusual succinct grooves, beautiful homespun melodies, onomatopoeic backgrounds and modern harmonies unite to form a bountiful and well- balanced framework within which the quartet's imagination and real sense of the quirky and the aesthetic can be given free rein.
links: www.florianegli.ch
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