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Out of the Box  
artist: Yves Theiler Trio
album: Out of the Box
reference: UTR 4337
release date: 30.03.2012
running time: 68:08
line-up: Yves Theiler âEUR" Piano
Valentin Dietrich âEUR" Bass
Lukas Mantel âEUR" Drums
credits: All compositions written by Yves Theiler
Produced for Unit Records by Lucerne School of Music and Radio DRS 2
Recorded at Studio GABRIEL on May 9 2011
Recording, mixing and mastering by Martin Pearson
liner notes: OUT OF THE BOX
"Out of a box the piercing sounds rise to grab your thoughts carrying you away! Yves Theiler, Valentin Dietrich and Lukas Mantel bring you on a so-journ of songs, sprinkled with turn arounds of divine improvisations that resurrect your musical expiriences of magnetizing worlds. Deeply rooted and vibrating rhythms meet singing melodies, leading towards a musical style that for sure will trap you in its high originality.
links: www.myspace.com/yvestheilertrio
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