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cinéma Hildegard - live in russia & elsewhere  
artist: Hildegard lernt fliegen
album: cinéma Hildegard - live in russia & elsewhere
reference: UTR 4333
release date: 13.01.2012
running time: 54.25
line-up: Andreas Schaerer - voice / composition
Andreas Tschopp - trombone / tuba
Matthias Wenger - saxophone
Benedikt Reising - saxophone / bassclarinet
Marco Müller - bass
Christoph Steiner - drums / typewriter / glockenspiel
credits: All songs were recordet live on tour by Martin Ruch, except "mockba mockba" (the nice one in the movie with the glockenspiel) recordet at "Russisches Theater Berlin"by Martin Ruch
All music mixed and mastered by Martin Ruch @ Weltschall Studio B, Berlin
Artwork and layout by Peter Bäder
liner notes: Red Square was covered with flurries of white bridal pairs when Hildegard Lernt Fliegen arrived and changed their shirts in the freezing cold. This Swiss combo sampled the sausages in Thuringia, posed in front of elderly Polaroid cameras, and savored the acoustics of the cavernous Prague Central Station, countercultural Viennese theaters, and a former Soviet sauna. By train and by bus, by plane and on foot, with lots of luggage and little sleep, Hildegard Lernt Fliegen was on the move. Filmmaker Michelle Brun and sound engineer Martin Ruch were with them every step of the way. The result was the Live in Moscow CD and a documentary film of their Russian odyssey, packaged together in an illustrated box set designed by Peter Baeder. With all that bracingly cold air, Hildegard Lernt Fliegen was in Olympic form, and you can practically hear how their Russian barfly fans clapped their hands raw. With their film Tales Wander, Michelle Brun and Hildegard Lernt Fliegen conjure a handful of rusty instruments and a few rolls of film into a wintry Russian fairy tale. Cinéma Hildegard may be just a pair of polycarbonate disks in a cardboard box, but they glow brighter than AladdinâEURTMs lamp andâEURTMll keep you warmer than a crate of vodka. Cinéma Hildegard is a débutante ball in the Siberian steppes, where the Dead Kennedys play the opening waltz and a wolf-sled will bring you home afterwards.
links: www.hildegardlerntfliegen.ch
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