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artist: Zürihorn
album: Wanderlust
reference: UTR 4322
release date: 09.12.2011
running time: 53:16
line-up: Nick Gutersohn - trombone/alphorn/shells
Robert Morgenthaler - trombone/alphorn/shells
Priska Walss - trombone/alphorn/shells
credits: Recordet and mixed: Michael Vracko
Mastered: Gavin Maitland
Grafik: Gabriela Scholl
liner notes: Take an alphorn: a traditional instrument with severely limited melodic possibilities. Add a didgeridoo and shells and trombones. Add even more alphorns. Observe how the harmonic possibilities grow when various horns are played simultaneously. The Alphorn comes alive, blending seamlessly with the other original instruments, creating new modes of expression. Compositions are juxtaposed with improvisations, grooves fit in next to droning trance-like passages. Influences from jazz, African and European music are combined, freeing the alphorn from its life in traditional folk music.The music stays true to its improvised character, enabling the three musicians to communicate and interact with relish on their way to unknown places.
links: www.echo-vom-zuerihorn.ch
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