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artist: Studer-Frey
album: Zwei
reference: UTR 4262
release date: 29.10.2010
running time: 53:01
line-up: Peter K Frey âEUR" Kontrabass
Daniel Studer âEUR" Kontrabass
credits: All works by Peter K Frey and Daniel Studer (SUISA)
Recording and Mastering at Hardstudios Winterthur, Ron Kurz
Produced by Peter K Frey and Daniel Studer, 2010
liner notes: âEURoeFor more than ten years, Peter K Frey and Daniel Studer have been exploring their instruments, their double basses, and their music making as a duo. Their latest CD Zwei (âEURoetwoâEUR) demonstrates a musical universe without confines, but is clearly structured, wholly permeated by form at the same time. In contrast to their debut album from four years ago it features no electronics, Zwei has become a pure double bass album.
Peter K Frey and Daniel StuderâEURTMs collaboration is centred on free improvisation. They have been working together that closely and that extensively that one could say that this duo, for years, has been working on one common composition which, to an ever greater extent, approaches its essentials. The score, of course, is not written down, yet permanently present âEUR" a process getting denser and denser all the time.
This music is rich in complex figures, specific sounds, microtonal organisms, dynamic links. This is music to be enjoyed as an expedition into the widest realms of sound.âEUR
Pirmin Bossart, JazzâEURTMnâEURTMMore, 2010
(translated by Ingrid Fichtner)
links: www.studer-frey.ch
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