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artist: Klangquadrat
album: Roaming
reference: UTR 4260
release date: 03.09.2010
running time: 62:49
line-up: Cédric Gschwind âEUR" Tenor & Soprano Saxophones
Jonas Windscheid âEUR" Guitar
Marco Nenniger âEUR" Bass
Daniel Mudrack âEUR" Drums
credits: All compositions written by Cédric Gschwind
Executive Producer: Cédric Gschwind
Co-Producer: Peter Bürli (DRS 2)
Recorded 11./12.01.2010 by Hannes Humke at Radio DRS Studio 2, Zürich
Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Dettwiler at Idee und Klang Studio, Basel
Additional Mixing: Cédric Gschwind
Liner Notes: Adrian Mears
The music on this first Klangquadrat album is a kind of musical diary. Collected emotions and thoughts that some would seek to capture in words have inspired the leader of the band, Cédric Gschwind, to write the pieces. Each composition has its own character and feel. Nevertheless, all the pieces are strongly connected as each tells its own part of the same tale: gathering new experiences âEUR" desired or not, meeting different people, moving into unknown directions âEUR" roaming.
The band had their first concerts in spring 2008. Ever since then they worked constantly on developing a unique band sound and a colourful repertoire. Describing the sound that has grown out of this in one or two words is hard, but the style is probably best called contemporary jazz. The spectrum of the tunes goes from balladesque to groovy, from straight 4/4 swing to odd meters all spiced up with fresh improvised parts. That offers plenty of things to listen to and to discover for everyone âEUR" the jazz lover and the newbie as well as all other open-minded listeners.

âEURoeOn my first listening to Klangquadrat I was overwhelmed by the commitment these four young musicians have at creating a band sound. It is the elements of creative interplay and engineered complexity that develop a foundation here, one that you would usually associate with more mature players. Whether in the supportive role or in the limelight, each individual forge their own musical identity and integrate this in a communal sound (aptly suggested in the band name: âEURoeKlangâEUR meaning âEURoesoundâEUR in German and âEURoeQuadratâEUR indicating 4 points of reference). I look forward to the development and further exploration of this group, roaming jazz horizons with a burning example for the young generations to come.âEUR
Adrian Mears

âEURoeFresh, ambitious, powerful, dedicated to music âEUR" thatâEURTMs what Klangquadrat is âEUR" Go and listen! YouâEURTMll feel and hear it !âEUR
Klaus Dickbauer
links: www.klangquadrat.ch
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