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artist: Studer-Frey
album: Zweierlei
reference: UTR 4169
release date: 19.05.2006
running time: 70:58
line-up: Peter K. Frey âEUR" Kontrabass und Live Electronics
Daniel Studer âEUR" Kontrabass und Liver Electronics
credits: Aufnahmen: Studio 2, Radio Studio Zürich, Juli 2004: Ron Kurz Internationale Tagung für Improvisation Luzern, Okt. 2005: Bruno Muff
Mischung/Mastering (sterero/5.0): Hardstudios Winterthur, Ron Kurz
liner notes: At first, we seem to be caught by a piece of electronic music. Gradually, the sounds of the strings become distinct, plucked, stroked, scratched, beaten. By then, we are already in the heart of this music developing so naturally. As a listener, I was immediately drawn into this music, but at the same time I found myself off the track as a critic. Formulating the right sentences, in this instance, proves a challenge; this kind of music making evades the usual formulas, it is constantly evolving and still sticking to its point, it is sticking to its intentions and yet surprises all the time. It is the kind of music making that is subtly discreet and still stays fresh, not intending to corroborate categories or established patterns of thinking.
Thomas Meyer (translation by Ingrid Fichtner)
links: www.studer-frey.ch
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