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die hand  
artist: Gysi-Gerber-Hollinger
album: die hand
reference: UTR 4045
release date: 01.05.1992
running time: 42:49
line-up: Wädi Gysi âEUR" Guitar, Effects
Mich Gerber âEUR" Bass, Effects
Peter Hollinger âEUR" Drums, Mouthdrums
credits: Recorded and mixed in december 1991 by Kathrin Brändli and René Zingg at the Soundville Studio in Luzern
liner notes: Along the border line of rock and avantgarde
"Die Hand" (The Hand), formed in 1990, is a trio from beyond (from the cities of bears): No use looking for jazzy elements, nice grooves, sparkling breaks and screaming horns. "Die Hand" relies on the overtone effects, hovering frequencies and orchestral panorama pictures. Wädi Gysi from Berne on electric guitar, Mich Gerber from Berne on electric bass and Peter Hollinger from Berlin (both BerneâEURTMs and BerlinâEURTMs coat of arms depict a bear) on drums represent a rock formation led by the unique spirit of complex rhythms, of melodies and sounds which penetrate and duplicate each other, which pile up and disintegrate. "Die Hand" moves along the border line of rock and avantgarde, the radical renewal of a heritage we all still feel in our bones.
links: www.waedigysi.ch
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