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artist: Raymond Theler
album: Orte
reference: UTR 4207
release date: 12.09.2008
running time: 57:36
line-up: Raymond Theler âEUR" guitar and synthaxe
Mark Nauseef âEUR" drumset and percussion
Marcio Doctor âEUR" hand drums and percussion
credits: All compositions by Raymond Theler, Marcio Doctor, Mark Nauseef, Walter Quintus
Produced by Walter Quintus and Mark Nauseef
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Walter Quintus at various times during 2006 and 2007
Recorded at the Ztudio in Zerkall, Germany and at the NDR Studio in Hamburg, Germany
liner notes: ORTE
Synthaxe meets percussion and creates "ORTE". âEUR" noisy places âEUR" quiet gaping spaces âEUR" gloomy widths âEUR" amphoric sounding pictures from lightning surfaces to static desert noises. Torn melody lines waving over cavernous tectonics that arouse deeply retained associations.
The musicians involved met up for three days at the NDR studio in Hamburg, during 2006, to improvise while viewing paintings created by Raymond Theler. The contextual reworking and orchestration was later done at the Zerkall studio with Walter Quintus. The result is based on spontaneous action with improvised sketches of melodies and percussion that were later built up to a constructed composition.
The Synthaxe controlled and generated analog sounds from the Oberheim Xpander, the Roland Super Jupiter and the piano as well as the raw e-guitar and was intermixed with drums and meditation bells and gongs from Bali, Java, Korea, India, China and Tibet.
The guitarist and Synthaxe-player Raymond Theler works constantly on the exploration and the coherency of "pictured sound" and "sounding pictures" and opens an exhibition with his oil paintings "ORTE" at the gallery "Die Halle" in Zurich on the very same date when the CD will be released.
As a musician, producer, arranger, engineer and real-time processor, Walter Quintus has collaborated with a diverse assortment of some of the greatest musicians from the worldâEURTMs rich musical cultures. Either on location or at his studio in Germany, he has worked closely with musicians from India, Turkey, Java and Bali as well as countries of the Middle East and Europe and all parts of the USA. With computer software that defies the laws of physics, Walter Quintus creates audio dimensions of time, space and color. Artists he has worked closely with include Joey Baron, Jack Bruce, Bill Bruford, Don Cherry, Eric Clapton, J.F. Jenny-Clark, Sylvie Courvoisier, Kudsi Erguner, Mark Feldman, Gamelan Sekar Tunjung, Jan Garbarek, Trilok Gurtu, Allan Holdsworth, Kamalesh Maitra, Ed Mann, Pat Metheny, Miroslav Tadic, David Torn, Ralph Towner, Glen Velez, Edward Vesala, Joe Zawinul, and many others.
Percussionist Mark Nauseef has a musical history that includes "hands on" research, study and performance in musical traditions ranging from the music of India, Java, Bali and Ghana to western contemporary and improvised music. He has worked with, among many others, Jack Bruce, Joachim Kühn, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Trilok Gurtu, The Velvet Underground, Markus Stockhausen, Ikue Mori And Lou Harrison. Other examples of his work include the Balinese ensemble recordings "Gamelan Batel Wayang Ramayana" and "Gender Wayang Pemarwan" which were recorded in Bali.
Percussionist Marcio DoctorâEURTMs musical approach is influenced by his studies of various music traditions and has been enriched by the experience gained while interacting with some of the great artists with whom he has performed. He has performed and/or recorded in an unusually wide variety of musical settings with artists such as Carla Bley, Michael Brecker, Absolute Ensemble, Glen Velez, Peter Erskine, Randy Brecker, Dino Saluzzi, Steve Swallow, Dhaffer Youssef, Lalo Schifrin, Claudio Puntin, Daniel Schnyder, Colin Towns and many others.
links: www.synthaxe.ch
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