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27 Minutes  
artist: Bucher's Organ Book
album: 27 Minutes
reference: UTR 4820
release date: 26.01.2018
running time: 27:27
line-up: Michael Bucher – Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion, Composition
Thomas Bauser – Hammond Organ B3
Lukas Mantel – Drums and Percussion

credits: Composition by Michael Bucher
Recorded at Powerplay Studios Maur by Andy Neresheimer
Recording Date: October 27th and 28th 2016
Mixed and mastering by Christian Kaufmann

Contact: www.michaelbucher.ch +41 79 236 45 28

liner notes: Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Thanks to the benefits of Silicon Valley the attention span of humans is continuously shrinking – according to certain reports even goldfish can stay focused longer than “Homo smartphonicus”.
When Michael Bucher and his Organ Book perform, you can put away your smartphone, because this trio is going to grab your attention from beginning to end. The guitarist Bucher, who occasionally also plays the harmonica and kalimba, the Hammond B3 specialist Thomas Bauser, and the drummer Lukas Mantel captivate audiences with their varied dramaturgy, rich timbre, pulsing groove and skilfully interwoven mix of composed and improvised parts.
Tom Gsteiger

links: www.michaelbucher.ch
upcoming concerts:
Jazzclub Moods, Zürich02.03.2018
Kunsthaus, Glarus CH24.03.2018
Bird’s Eye, Basel CH13.04.2018
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