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Flute on Fire  
artist: Günter Wehinger
album: Flute on Fire
reference: UTR 4822
release date: 26.01.2018
running time: 30:52
line-up: Günter Wehinger – flute
Julio Azcano – acoustic guitar
André Buser – e-bass
Thomi Weiss – percussion

credits: Compositions by Julio Azcano, Bohuslav Martinu, Günter Wehinger
Recorded live in Warsaw (PL), Basel (CH) and Buchs (CH)
Recording Dates: 2004, 2008, 2016
Mastering by Martin Bröll at greenbee records

Contact: Günter Wehinger wehinger@sunrise.ch / 076 381 1663

liner notes: This CD presents jazz flutist Günter Wehinger in selected performances recorded during three concerts with three different groups: a duo, a quartet and a 23 piece orchestra. All five tracks feature energetic music with a latin touch. In 2008 the Julio Azcano-Günter Wehinger Quartet was invited to play at the Warsaw Guitar Festival. The concert was broadcast live on Polish Radio. In 2004 the Bohuslav Martinu Society invited Wehinger to write a jazz arrangement of Martinu's Scherzo. The performance of this arrangement was recorded live at the bird’s eye jazz club in Basel with Marko Letonja on piano. Last year Günter Wehinger performed his composition “Heyjo” with a jazz orchestra in Buchs, SG. The concert has been recorded and filmed at the Lokremise in Buchs/SG.

links: www.gunterwehinger.com
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