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Post-harmonic Orchestra  
artist: Janto's Oktaeder
album: Post-harmonic Orchestra
reference: UTR 4814
release date: 10.11.2017
running time:
line-up: Jonas Winterhalter - Trumpet / Flügelhorn
Jonas Labhart - Altsax
Sebastian von Keler - Tenorsax / Sopransax
Lou Lecaudey - Trombone
Lucas Wirz - Basstrombone
Jan-Andrea Bard - Piano / Rhodes / Vocals
Marc Mezgolits - Bassgitarre
Florian Krause - Drums
Tim Hurley: Flute (tracks 1, 8, 9) / Altsax (track 9)
Daniel Mudrack: Percussion (track 1)

credits: All compositions by Jan-Andrea Bard except Arati
Recorded at Alte Zigarrenfabrik, Sandhausen, Germany
Recording Date: 26./27. Mai 2017

Produced by Jan-Andrea Bard and Daniel Mudrack Studio engineer and mixing / mastering by Daniel Mudrack
Assistant engineer: Dennis Keil
Graphic design: Karin Ospelt

Contact: jan-andrea@gmx.ch / 076 434 12 17
liner notes: Even if Jan-Andrea Bard’s compositional basic ideas show a strong mathematical component, he’s always interested in the following aspects of music: The interaction of different sounds and colors, the relations of chords, harmonies and dissonances, the rhythmic netting, the interdependency of a single voice and the orchestral sound. Despite the melodic and rhythmic complexity and harmonic ingenuity the music never appears formulaic or heavy - the opposite is true, and that’s the art. The flowing together of the eight individual parts to the whole appears easily and naturally. The result indicates the leader’s handwriting - his own jazz idiom.

links: www.jantosholding.com
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