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artist: Dominik Schürmann
album: Upswing
reference: UTR 4741
release date: 04.11.2016
running time: 58:16
line-up: George Ricci: Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Christian Gutfleisch: Piano
Dominik Schürmann: Kontrabass
Samuel Dühsler: Schlagzeug

credits: Recorded on 8th and 9th August 2016 at Hammerstudios Basel, Switzerland
Sound engineering by Hannes Kumke
Produced by Dominik Schürmann and Christian Gutfleisch

Special thanks to Christian Gutfleisch for his professional support

Contact: Dominik Schürmann, Emil Angst-Strasse 2, CH-4059 Basel, dominikschuermann@gmail.com

liner notes: Through the influence of his father, jazz pianist Niggi Schürmann, Dominik Schürmann encountered swing music and mainstream jazz at an early age. The soul of jazz and a feeling for swing have remained with him throughout his musical career, strongly influencing his playing. Dominik´s album "Upswing" concentrates on these musical roots, bringing him together with three of his lang-standing musical companions who share the same passion. In the tradition of the legendary swing age, the four musicians present an exciting repertoire with solos full of character and influenced by their different backgrounds and affections. Most of the compositions are by members of the band.
links: www.dominikschuermann.ch
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