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Artist: Mathieu Scheuber Group
Album: Aggregato
Katalog Nr: UTR 4611
Releasedatum: 03.04.2015
Albumdauer: 40:06
Line-Up: Mathieu Scheuber âEUR" Piano
Jan Sutter âEUR" E-Bass and Contrabass
Lucien Bovet âEUR" Drums
Eleanora Erne âEUR" Cello
Lukas Andrae âEUR" Soprano-Saxophone

Credits: Aufnahmedatum: 29 and 30 July 2014
Aufnahmestudio: Maqam Studio, la chaux-de-fonds, CH
- All compositions by Mathieu Scheuber
- Recorded at "le Café du soleil" CH
- Recording Date 29 and 30 July
- Studio engineer and mastering by Jean-Daniel Stämpfli, Maqam Studio, la chaux-de-fonds, CH

- Special Thanks âEUR¦ CUT, Sylvie, Fanny, Jo
- Contact: mathieu.scheuber@gmail.com

Liner Notes: His music is very innovative, creative and contemporary, influenced by jazz, classical, ethnic and South-American music.
The distinctive feature of these compositions is that they provide generous space for improvisation, dialogues between the instruments and freedom around a given theme. Thus the music builds up around ethereal, precise and lively melodies, as well as rhythm.
This music suggests images from daily life, groove, the craving for existing and sharingâEUR¦
Links: www.unitrecords.com
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