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artist: Schmolling/Arthurs/Kühne
album: TICHO
reference: UTR 4551
release date: 05.12.2014
running time: 39:50
line-up: Marc Schmolling - piano
Tom Arthurs - trumpet
Almut Kühne - voice

credits: Aufnahmedatum: November 2013 Aufnahmestudio: Canisius-Kolleg, Berlin DE All music by Schmolling/ Arthurs/ Kühne Compositions by Marc Schmolling Recorded at Canisius-Kolleg Berlin Recording date: November 2013
Recording engineer, mixing and mastering : Marco Birkner
Produced by Marc Schmolling
Special thanks to:
Tom Arthurs, Almut Kühne, Marco Birkner, Klaus Weissenbach and the Canisius-Kolleg Berlin, Uli Kempendorff, Bernie Higgins, Tomáš Míka, Michal Jareš, Dieter Düvelmeyer, Jan Schmolling and Yohko Mizushima
Contact: info@marc-schmolling.de
liner notes: With "Ticho", the Berlin pianist and composer Marc Schmolling introduces an extraordinary album, featuring the British trumpet player Tom Arthurs and German singer/voice artist Almut Kühne. Together these three internationally renowned musicians create a chamber music that is intimate, curious, colourful, joyous, dark and playful.
The music of "Ticho" (which means "silence" in Czech) is an instinctive balancing act on the exciting line between the written and the invented.
Marc Schmolling's floating, delicate ballads are intertwined with subtle improvisations and spun out ever further.
In short: a firework of quiet tones under the magnifying glass of the moment.
links: www.marc-schmolling.de
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