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Beyond the Zero  
artist: C.A.R.
album: Beyond the Zero
reference: UTR 4558
release date: 17.10.2014
running time: 47:39
line-up: Leonhard Huhn âEUR" Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Effects
Christian Lorenzen âEUR" Synthesizers, Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes
Kenn Hartwig âEUR" Double Bass, Effects
Johannes Klingebiel âEUR" Drums
credits: Aufnahmedatum: June 1st till 4th 2014
Aufnahmestudio: Hirschberg Tonstudio, Oberkirchen DE
Track 1, 2, 6 and 9 written by Johannes Klingebiel. Track 4 written by Kenn Hartwig. Track 3, 5, 8 and 10 written by Johannes Klingebiel, Kenn Hartwig, Christian Lorenzen and Leonhard Huhn.
Produced by Johannes Klingebiel and Kenn Hartwig.
Recorded by Jonathan Hoffmann at Hirschberg Tonstudio, Oberkirchen on June 1st till 4th 2014.
Mixed by Jonathan Hoffmann.
Mastered by Reinhard Kobialka at Topaz Audio Studios, Cologne.
Designed by Infinite Jest, London.
Kenn Hartwig Hansaring 66 50670 KoÌ^ln Germany
+49 176 23567404
liner notes: A quest for musical spirituality in the twenty-tens.
Four young musicians transform the vessel of their musical faith into C.A.R. With flaming empathy they develop a trip-like melange of jazz and electronics, improvisation and experiment, science fiction and film noir, krautrock and cyberpunk.
Gleaming energy, kaleidoscopic thoughtfulness, subtle finesse and an undeniable love for the beat âEUR" capitalization of an intoxicating mix: C.A.R.

links: www.thisiscar.de
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