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3 Suiten  
artist: Unart 4.0
album: 3 Suiten
reference: UTR 4133
release date: 01.11.2001
running time: 56:17
line-up: Robert Morgenthaler âEUR" Posaune
Ewald Hügle âEUR" Sopran-, Alt-, Tenor-, Baritonsaxophon
Urs Röllin âEUR" Gitarre
Dieter Ulrich âEUR" Schlagzeug, Signalhorn
credits: Produziert von: "unart 4.0"
Aufnahmen und Mastering: Heiner Merk
Abgemischt im Tonstudio Sound-Circus: Heiner Merk, Ewald Hügle, Dieter Ulrich
liner notes: unart 4.0, the "new jazz" quartet that formed only three years ago, has already been selected to play at Suisse Diagnoles, the Swiss Jazz Club Festival. 2002 signals the release of their debut album «3 Suiten», boasting a mature, yet exciting production. The interplay between these four very gifted musicians is testimony to the highly original, stylistically varied forms of expression developed by the band. Each member contributes his own compositions, arranged to suit the band's complex concept of performance. The composed and improvised elements, performed on stage and in the studio, have developed organically into the "Suites", creating an exciting mix of musical styles. The band uses montage techniques to blend abstract electronic sounds and tunes played with a hint of irony to produce passionate, yet meditative music full of charm, class and wit.
The saxophonist Ewald Hügle is classically trained (under Ivan Roth), but his first love has always been jazz. His mastery of the saxophone, from soprano to baritone, gives the band its characteristic sound. The Swiss (Schaffhausen) guitarist Urs Röllin provides the harmonic framework, assuming a wide range of roles, whether it be as bassist, electronic wizard, soloist or simply discrete accompanist. Dieter Ulrich, the outstanding drummer, put his mark alongside Urs Blöchlinger on the Swiss Jazz scene of the 1980s and 1990s. His ability to keep pace with unexpected changes makes him not only the perfect timekeeper but also the band's helmsman. Robert Morgenthaler's trombone playing is sensuous, bluesy and jazzy, making sure unart 4.0 keeps its feet firmly on the ground. His vast experience as a composer and instrumentalist is second to none.
«3 Suiten» is not only the title but also the structure of their first album. The three suites comprise very diverse compositions, seamlessly tied together by skilful improvisation. Each suite is a musical meeting point for the band, a springboard for change.
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