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Artist: Ehinger-Lindemann-Pitteloud
Album: ELP
Katalog Nr: UTR 4140
Releasedatum: 15.06.2003
Albumdauer: 66:58
Line-Up: Philippe Ehinger âEUR" clarinette basse, clarinette
François Lindemann âEUR" Fender-Rhodes, électronique, piano, gongs
Raphaël Pitteloud âEUR" tablas, percussions
Credits: Recorded at
Studio Flon, Lausanne, by B. Corboz (2002)
Live at l'Esprit Frappeur, Lutry, by C. Monnier and Y. Culand (May 2002)
Mastering: P. Ciocca
Liner Notes: The music on this CD was intirely improvised in concert by the three musicians (pieces 4, 5, 8, 10) and in studio (1, 3, 9) except titles 2, 6, 7, 11, which are compositions of François Lindemann.
For the songs «RED», «BLACK», «YELLOW», which were originally recorded for a Bangkok contemporary dance company, we have been talking about the colours and the different moods to put into the music. We have been thinking about tone, range and «material» as wood with metal, air and skin, etcâEUR¦ just some elements that we could combine together and left us free to improvise on it. For the other titles as «ELP», or «DANCE 1» and «DANCE 2», the sharp listening to each other also had a very important role to play in the music, as the skill of every musician to improvise without preconceived notes or chord progressions.
The titles «BLUE», «Le Chat qui danse» are pieces in which the theme is simply played 3 or 4 times, like a song. «GAMA» is a composition where some harmonic ways and rhythms are indicated, allowing each soloist to express in a more contemporary jazz manner.
F. Lindemann
Links: www.pitteloud.com
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