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artist: Markus Pesonen Hendectet
album: Hum
reference: UTR 4297
release date: 11.11.2011
running time: 50:43
line-up: Elena Setien - Stimme und Violine Adam Pultz Melbye - Bass
Camilla Barratt-Due - Akkordeon
Marc Lohr - Schlagzeug und Elektronik
Otis Sandsjö - Alt/Tenor Saxophon und Klarinette
Martin Stender - Tenor/Sopran Saxophon und Flöte
Lars Greve - Sopran/Tenor/Bariton Saxophon und Bassklarinette
Tobias Wiklund - Trompete und Flügelhorn
Petter Hängsel - Posaune
Jonatan Ahlbom - Tuba
Markus Pesonen - Gitarre, Lap Steel und Kompositionen
credits: Recorded by Oscar André Lie Foss in Copenhagen April 2011. Mixed by Marck Fuck. Mastered by Guy Sternberg at Low Swing Studio Berlin
Cover design by Markus Pesonen. Micro Photos of Agates by Tivadar Pésci
liner notes: The Markus Pesonen Hendectet is an energetic eleven-piece orchestra consisting of young and talented improvisors from Copenhagen and Berlin. The music is written especially for the musicians involved, tailored to each individualâEURTMs personality and special skills. The music bears many influences that range from jazz to noise, the Beatles to Schönberg, all brought together in a new and exciting fashion by relying on a wide palette of sounds and atmospheres. Improvisation plays a big part in the music and its use in different ways is a key element in PesonenâEURTMs composing.
Markus Pesonen (b.1984) is a Finnish guitarist, composer and sound artist who spends his time both in Copenhagen and Berlin. Markus started his musical journey with improvisation and composition working both with popular and classical music in Kuopio, Finland. After his studies in Helsinki, he moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2006 where he completed his masterâEURTMs degree in music performance at the cityâEURTMs Rhythmic Music Conservatory in 2010.
Markus is involved in many different constellations ranging from solo guitar and electronics to large ensembles, while actively writing music for film and improvising with dancers and performance artists. The common elements that run through all of his work are a wide embrace of sound, with a special emphasis on communication and a sense of presence as expressed through improvisation.

A journalist on a call scribbles notes for her story The ink draws a man with a bag on his head. In a sonic wind of Hum the brittle plastic shivers It had taken his whole life to escape the noise...

Diving deep through unpaused waves towards an Oceanic pore where the Earth spews molten rock and a Whale blows air Two pipes of the same organ blast this ancient choral hymn. Is this the tinnitus of our planet or Onomatopoeia?

While academics in privileged torment, ponder the galaxyâEURTMs song Warriors dance for rain amongst the crowds drawing near An atmosphere so charged, with foreboding, thunder rumbles Long Lightning frays fracture the chrysalis sky...

In a monastery high on a hill, a lotus is revered Having risen through muddy water, its flower blooms. A monk inhales the fragrance deep in his lung Now the breath leaves as Om Mani Padme Hum...
links: www.markuspesonen.com
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